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Mindanti Maternity Clinic Update 2023

In April 2023, WHI board members visited the Mindanti Maternity clinic alongside other representatives from the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi. During the visit, it was very exciting to see most of the equipment in place, the solar power system at work, and meet some of the clinic staff. Shortly after our visit we learned that the clinic had passed their government inspection needed to plan opening.

When Warm Heart International first became involved in supporting the Mindanti clinic, the goal was to provide clean water. Over the many years, WHI continued to provide more and more support in order to get this much needed clinic opened. This included raising funds for the shipping of the Project C.U.R.E container of medical supplies, funding for staff housing, solar power and more.

The clinic will employee 19 people, the first 5 reported to work in March to set up the equipment.

The first step is to open the maternity clinic and then work on an Out Patient Department.

The maternity clinic was set to start welcoming patients on June 20, 2023, however on June 19, the inspectors from the Medical Council of Malawi arrived to inspect the facilities of the Malawi Health Centre. The inspectors were very impressed with the maternity clinic, particularly the high class medical equipment and supplies. The inspectors recommended that the clinic begin immediately serving the communities under five and maternity services. The inspectors also wanted the Health Centre to begin operating the Out Patient Department (OPD) as soon as practical. They approved using a vacant staff house as a temporary OPD until an OPD is constructed. The inspectors said that if Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi will send pictures of six required items they will immediately authorize the clinic to begin OPD operations by sending the certificate.

This is exciting news because the Mindanti Health Centre will soon be able to provide both Out Patient Services and Maternity Services to the 8,000 nearby people who have never had access to institutional health care.

All medical and support staff are now at the clinic. Someone has been sent to the District Hospital to obtain new patient registers to be in compliance with the new regulations of the Medical Council. They also need receipt books and price lists from the Diocese. The beginning of operations keeps getting nearer.

Thank you to everyone that has supported this endeavor through donations, prayers and visits.

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