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To live out our faith by partnering with people in communities worldwide to help them achieve a healthier quality of life.

Warm Heart International

is a community of Christian compassion raising funds and awareness for freshwater access and sanitation, medical care, orphan care and education, and youth-to-youth relationships in communities worldwide.


Warm Heart International, Inc. is a non-profit organization bringing fresh water, orphan care, educational scholarships, and pilgrimages to people in developing communities worldwide. 


A 501 (c) (3) EIN 87-0773236 IRS Pub 78 insures that contributions are deductible.


In 1980, James Tengatenga left his home country of Malawi for Austin, Texas, and the Seminary of the Southwest. He soon found a church home at St. David’s Episcopal Church and became an active and well-loved member of the parish. He and his wife, Josie, were married at St. David’s. When this extraordinary seminarian returned to Malawi in 1984, he took part of our heart with him. Since then St. David’s relationship with James, Josie, and the people of the Diocese of Southern Malawi has flourished.

Our Mission

In 1992 Mark Mitchell and Donnie Hungerford formed the Southern Malawi Outreach Committee at St. David’s under the direction of The Rev. Jim Bethell. The committee’s purpose was to foster our oneness with Rev. James Tengatenga and the people he serves and to express this oneness through action.


Our first priority from 2001 to 2003 was to help Josie Tengatenga complete her seminary training. After that initiative we helped fund, build and furnish a diocesan school in Southern Malawi.

In December 2004, Bishop James Tengatenga of the Diocese of Southern Malawi visited Austin for a week-long Missions conference. The conference gave us a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s work in Malawi and generated a wave of excitement that would transform our ministry. 


When asked how we might best foster St. David’s relationship with the Diocese of Southern Malaw, James asked us to come see and experience God’s love in Malawi – its strengths and challenges.

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June 30 through July 17, 2005, fourteen Texas mission delegates from St. David’s traveled to Malawi. We were overwhelmed by our welcome, by the faith and joy of the people we met, and by the suffering we saw around us. We returned from Malawi changed and rendered unfit to resume life as we have known it – no more indifference, flippancies, and presumptions based on our own cultural biases and prejudice.


In 2006 we incorporated Warm Heart Internation as a non-profit organization under the umbrella of The Episcopal Diocese of Texas and St. David‘s Episcopal  Church with a focus on water, feeding and education.

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