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Diocese of Southern Malawi is experiencing a Clergy crisis!

Clergy do not retire when age or health issues impair their ministry because their retirement package is too small to provide housing, healthcare and sustainable living income. Lack of resources and fear for their personal wellbeing deter clergy from retiring. Retiring clergy gives opportunity for new leadership in local parishes. 


The Facts of Clergy life in Southern Malawi!

  • Clergy stipend is $70 USD per month,  too small for them to save for retirement

  • Retirement package is too small to provide housing, healthcare and sustainable living income after their service to the church

  • Clergy try to use their small retirement to build a house but they are not able to finish and have nothing left to live on

  • The end result is that most Clergy do not retire

  • Most of them die of depression or other diseases of deprivation

The difference that decent housing provides retiring Clergy

  • More than just a roof over their head

  • Stability for retiring Clergy & their families

  • Sense of dignity, pride and self worth after years of sacrificial service to God’s people

  • Health, physical safety and security

  • A duplex option affords additional income to supplement the small retirement stipend

  • Adequate housing for retiring Clergy is vitally important to the health of God’s people in Southern Malawi


Help make Clergy retirement housing become a priority!

Join the Right Reverend James Tengatenga, Ph.D., retired bishop of Southern Malawi and now Distinguished Visiting Professor of Global Anglicanism at Sewanee The University of the South School of Theology to help make The Clergy Retirement Fund a sustainable project. This will add significantly to the fight against the threat of poverty for retiring clergy and nurture partnerships toward helping clergy build housing for their retirement years.

Make a contribution to the Malawi Clergy Housing Fund today.

Mail checks to:

The Episcopal Diocese of Texas

Attn: Jonathan Blaker,

Director of Treasury

1225 Texas Ave. Houston, TX 77002


Check should be made out to:

Protestant Episcopal Church Council

Include in the memo line, for benefit of the Malawi Clergy Housing Fund.


To make donations by wire transfer

Contact The Rt Rev James Tengatenga, PhD

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Global Anglicanism


The School of Theology at the University of the South

335 Tennessee Avenue, Sewanee, TN 37383 USA


931.598.1474 w

931 636 6250 c

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