Orphan Care

and feeding


AUSTIN, TEXAS (5/16/18)

by The Rev. Judith Jones


In  2009, the Rev. Willard Kamandani (former priest-in-charge), along with members of the church began work to develop a Community Feeding Centre addressing the needs of malnourished children/orphans, elderly people and those living with HIV/AIDS, who came to the church begging for assistance. This idea became a reality in 2011 when the All Saints Feeding Centre was established.


There are three wings of operation: the elderly and infirm (120), those living with HIV/AIDS (40), and The Nursery School (75). This brings the total number of All Saints Feeding Centre Members to 235


The little ones sit, waiting for their breakfast, while the “grandmothers” (called “gogo”s) sing songs to keep the toddlers patient. These elderly women also grow gardens to provide food for themselves and the orphans, but they do not have the wherewithal to provide protein for growing children, or provide the proper nutrition for themselves. Before this program began, all were thin and listless, very susceptible to disease and death. Since the institution of Malama, they have become much healthier, and have the energy to play and run. It is such a joy to see the children beginning to thrive, rather than dying, as happened in the past.

Willard Kamandani, who is the priest at All Saints in Thyolo, has dreams of providing two meals a day to the children. The members of All Saints have also attempted to start a pre-school, but none of these programs, including the breakfast, have ongoing funding. Fr. Willard says it costs about $3.75 a month to feed one child at the current level. Can you imagine? How could it be so inexpensive to save a child’s life, giving them the nutrition they need to grow and learn?

Can you imagine pledging only $10/month for a child to have two nutritious meals a day, plus pre-school activities? Of course, with over a hundred and fifty children in just this program, it would take at least 150 people  to pledge that $10 per month for all the children to be cared  for in an unprecedented manner that would result in them growing into productive, educated adults. Would you consider pledging more, so that two, or three or ten could survive?


Send in your pledge today, and convince your friends and family to do the same. Make space in your life and your heart to provide food and care for these little ones, in the Warm Heart of Africa!


For more information contact The Rev. Judith Jones at jgjones1214@gmail.com