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Medical Supplies

In 2021, Warm Heart International received a request to assist with getting a container of medical supplies to the medical clinic in Mindanti. Project C.U.R.E. was donating a crate of medical supplies, but the cost of shipping needed to be covered. With the help of the World Mission Board of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and generous donations to Warm Heart, we were able pay the necessary fees.

On Monday January 31, 2022, the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi received the container of medical supplies from Project C.U.R.E. at Diocesan Headquarters. Groups from both Women and Men’s Guilds were present to help upload the supplies and store them at Diocesan Headquarters, and it became a typical Malawian celebration.

Unfortunately, Mindanti is currently isolated due to flooding that destroyed bridges and roadways. It’s estimated that access to Mindanti won’t occur for several weeks. For now the C.U.R.E. cargo will be stored in Blantyre.

News coverage of delivery

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