2019 Cyclone Idia passed over Africa

By Tom Gebhard

The Event

When Cyclone Idia passed over Africa, a lot of media attention was focused on the impacts of floods and winds on structures in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Malawi suffered flooding...


Dorothy Nicholas of

Shire Parish


Shire Parish is north of Blantyre and southwest of the Shire River, whose headwaters are Lake Malawi. It’s part of a plateau region above the Shire River valley. In earlier years, Dorothy was a great matron of the local...


The Mofolo Family of

Njovu Parish


On the second day of rain, the Rector, The Rev. Hamiza Adams, of Njovu (pronounced Joe-vuu) Parish began to get requests to open the church to allow refuge from the flooding. Permission was quickly granted by the Diocesan Office. Standing water...


Refugee Camps


A few refugee camps have been created by international relief agencies. Initially, they are helpful in supplying safe shelter, food, and medications. Their objective is to provide transitional aid so that the populations served do not become dependent on...


The Diocese of Southern Malawi Relief Efforts


The Diocese is focused on relocate, replant, rebuild on higher ground.


Seeds have been distributed in most areas, and second harvests are complete or nearly complete. In some areas, there may be a third crop planting. The second and third plantings will reduce the need...


Flood Survivors Who Are HIV Positive


Malawi has been devastated by AIDS and there are many rural flood survivors that are HIV positive who have lost their medications in the flood. Again, there are many different stories with some being able to get replacement medications with...


Pilgrimage Update

July 2019 

By Linda Gebhard


The 2019 pilgrims to Malawi visited Shire Parish. Upon arriving at the rectory and a wonderful greeting by the women in the village, we walked to a nearby mud pit where brick making was well under way.